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Flat roof
At some point a bitumen flat roof will leak, this is due to lack of flexibility, weathering, failing joints & sunlight which will have an effect on the bitumen, which is the main ingredient in felt roofs. For this reason when a flat roof needs to be replaced it makes sense to go with EPDM.  You may not of heard of  EPDM so we have supplied you with information below to help you understand more about the material.

Flat roof
Flat roof
Typical example of roof needing replacing
What is EPDM
It is a synthetic rubber membrane called ethylene-propylene-diene-membrane, EPDM for short. The rubber membrane can be supplied literally in one piece for your flat roof, can be cut to size up to 15 meters wide by 61 meters long.

What are the advantages
  •  No joints(in most cases)
  •  Not a single drop of water will pass through the membrane.
  •  Totally inhert and UV stable
  •  Will not crack, perish
  •  Does not become brittle with frost or age
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  No heat, tar required to fit the membrane
  •  Cold applied
  •  Virtually Maintenance Free

New Flat roof
New Flat roof
sample of seamless membrane
Where can EPDM be used
It is suitable for most flat roofs.
  •  Garages
  •  Dormers
  •  Porches
  •  Outbuilding
  •  Flat roof extensions